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Who Motilium (domperidone) is for

Motilium is a dopamine antagonist used for thetreatment of reflux, stomach fullness and bloating. It can also be used for thetreatment of sickness in adult patients. Motilium works by relaxing the musclesat the exit of the stomach, while also tightening them at its entry, whichspeeds up the passage of the food through the patient's stomach and reduces thesymptoms of sickness, fullness and bloating. Domperidone prevents reflux by preventing the food ingested from travellingback through the stomach.


Other uses for Motilium (domperidone)

Motilium is often used for nausea and vomitingthat may be caused by migraine, anti-cancer chemotherapy or taking medicationsfor Parkinson's disease. You will be able to discuss any other uses for domperidone with your doctor.


Before you can start Motilium (domperidone)treatment

You will have to tell your doctor if there areany medical conditions or issues you have that may be affected by your Motiliumtreatment because of the way this medicine works, purchase domperidone online tablets uk. You will have to report thefollowing ones to your health care professional: stomach or intestinalbleeding, decreased liver function, blockage in the stomach or intestines, ordecreased kidney function, order domperidone online without prescription.


How to take Motilium (domperidone)?

You will have to follow the instruction of yourdoctor and take domperidone exactlyas prescribed, buy motilium breastfeeding. The usual routine involves taking your dose of domperidone with a full glass of water, about 30minuets before having a meal, order domperidone online without prescription. How many times a day you will need to be usingMotilium will be decided by your healthcare provider, buy motilium no prescription uk.


Drugs you need to avoid combining with Motilium(domperidone)

You should not combine Motilium with codeine,Parkinson's, antispasmodics, urinary incontinence, morphine, ketoconazole,bromocriptine, paracetamol, because there is a chance those medications canaffect your treatment, or their effects will be reduced, buy motilium domperidone australia. Your doctor will be ableto assess the situation and recommend something to help you benefit from both drugsyou need to be using, buy motilium online no prescription uk.