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What is Retin A used for?

Retin A (tretinoin) is a topical medicine used for the treatment of severe acne that affects facial area and works by promoting more intensive peeling of the areas that have been affected by acne. It also unclogs pores and keeps them clean, preventing the further formation of acne. Your health care provider may recommend using Retin A for a number of other purposes, make sure you follow all the recommendations exactly.

What forms does tretinoin come in?

Tretinoin topical is available as cream, gel and liquid. Depending on the form you have been prescribed, you will need to follow a certain routine of applying Retin A to benefit from this drug as much as possible. In most cases, you will be recommended to use tretinoin every day at bedtime or once every 2 or three days. If you decided not to visit a doctor for a prescription, read the label of the medicine to learn how it is best to use the firm of tretinoin you purchased. Make sure you do not use any tretinoin that is past the expiration period, as it will not be efficient for you in that case.

Tretinoin progress and success of the treatment

It's normal for the acne to get worse at the beginning for ht treatment with some scaling and increase in the number of acne sores. This means tretinoin is working well for you. You need to continue the treatment and try to avoid missing any applications or skipping them in general. It may take you some 2-3 weeks to see the first results of using Retin A. For some people this period can be even longer – up to 6 weeks or even more, so make sure you carry on with the treatment even if you think you are not benefitting from it.

How to apply tretinoin right

Before the application, make sure you cleanse the skin using some mild soap to avoid over drying. You will need to avoid topical products that contain alcohol, spices or menthol, as they may sting the skin, especially during the very first application of tretinoin. You may want to tell your doctor if you are using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or dandruff shampoos, as those are likely to over dry your skin and make the treatment less pleasant. You can wait for some 20 to 30 minutes to let the skin dry and make sure it is ready for the application. The area affected must be covered in a thin layer of the medicine not to oversaturate. You do not need to apply tretinoin to the area that not affected by acne.

What to do if a dose was missed?

If you happened to miss a dose of tretinoin, you can skip it and go back to the regular schedule of applying this medicine (for those taking Retin A once daily). If you are using it every 2 to 3 days and remembered about the missed dose within 12 hours form the moment you were supposed to apply it, you can still apply it as you should have.

Does tretinoin interact with other drugs?

Although tretinoin is a topical remedy, there is a chance it may be affected by other drugs you are using at the moment. Therefore, you will need to discuss these aspects of your treatment with a qualified health care professional. It's important that you tell your doctor about any drugs you are using at the moment, even if you do not think they can interact in any way that is serious.

Can I share my dose of tretinoin with others?

Under no circumstances should you share your dose of tretinoin with other people to whom it was prescribed, even if you think they will benefit form it. A doctor must be consulted before the treatment is started to establish the safety of Retin A for every individual and to determine how much they will benefit from it,.